With the help of internet giant Google, residents in Stanway, Colchester can now keep track of highways and signage issues reported via their local councillor team.

The Stanway Action Team are regularly reporting problems and issues that affect residents in Stanway to Colchester Borough Council (CBC), Essex County Council (ECC) and Highways England.

Problems often consist of highway damage including potholes and loose kerbstones, damage to street signage and street furniture and street-lamp outages.

From today (21st May) residents who let the team know about issues in the village of Stanway, Colchester, will be logged with a localised Google Maps service, allowing anyone to view the ongoing status, at any time.

Jeremy Hagon, local safety campaigner and Stanway Action Team member said: “We understand the frustration from residents of not knowing the latest status of problems and issues in and around Stanway that are requiring repair or attention.

“By reporting these problems on behalf of residents, we are able to monitor the issues and update the status information on an interactive online map. Residents can view this map on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC.”

Cllr. Kevin Bentley, County Councillor for Stanway said: “Using innovative technologies is allowing us to engage with residents on a more personal level, giving them every confidence day-to-day issues around the village that affect them, are being dealt with personally, by our dedicated Action Team here in the heart of Stanway.”

The map will be maintained on a regular basis, logging incidents reported directly by the Stanway Action Team or by residents who report problems to the team’s website, email or by telephone.

Stanway residents can report issues to Cllr. Paul Dundas and the team by calling 01206 632044 or by following the ‘Standing Up for Stanway’ Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/StanwayActionTeam

The map can be viewed online.


Picture (left to right) Jeremy Hagon and Cllr. Paul Dundas.