1000 new jobs and much needed infrastructure upgrades are now in jeopardy after Fenwick Colchester leads an appeal application in the High Court to stop the development of Tollgate Village.

Tollgate Village

6 weeks ago the Secretary of State agreed with the Inspector’s findings that Tollgate Village should be built. It met all sequential tests and was backed by the local community.

For Fenwick Colchester to take the steps of leading a last-minute appeal against the Secretary of State’s decision to allow the Tollgate Village development, is nothing short of a kick in the teeth to the 85% of residents who in some-way support the proposed development and economic growth plan.

Tollgate Partnership have fought a long battle against Colchester Council, who appealed the decision last year to allow the cinema and retail park to be built. This appeal was against public support for the development and at the tune of £160,000 in tax payer’s money.

The decision by Fenwick Colchester to appeal – again, has to be based on commercial reasons. It certainly doesn’t scream “Colchester First” as Hugo Fenwick stated. Putting 1000 new jobs and much needed infrastructure upgrades at risk is not working FOR Colchester.

This could be possibly another delay tactic, to stall the development of Tollgate Village for reasons unknown but to themselves. What is clear, is Fenwick Colchester seem not to be listening to residents just as the Lib Dem council have been ignoring the opinions of Colchester residents for years.