Today I ave received an email back from the chaps at NEPP (North Essex Parking Partnership). Here is their reply.

Update: I have now created a petition on for the support of the zig-zag safety zones to be increased.

Please sign the petition here.

Good Morning Jeremy Hagon,

Thank you for contacting the North Essex Parking Partnership.

With regards to the pedestrian crossing, disabled parking spaces, and expansion issues raised, these will have to be addressed with Essex County Council’s Highways department at, since we are not responsible for these issues.

With regards to the Zig Zag Lines issue raised, parking restrictions and parking schemes can be introduced or amended by the North Essex Parking Partnership in the form of Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO), but this is dependent on them passing public consultation, the necessary legal process, and having the sufficient budget. The legal process which must be followed can be complex and time consuming. It is not unusual for this process to take over a year to complete once the request has been chosen by the applicable partner authority as a priority.

Partner authority members (Uttlesford District/ Epping Forest District/ Braintree District/ Tendring District/ Colchester Borough/ Harlow District) are each allowed to prioritise three TRO application requests twice a year, usually in March & October. TRO applications chosen for progression would then be planned towards the end of the relevant year, and advertised at the beginning of the following year.

To apply for a new TRO, you must submit a completed application form. This can be done through our website using the below link, or by completing the attached application form and returning it to either our email or postal addresses:

Online application:

Email address:

Postal address:
Technical Team
North Essex Parking Partnership
PO Box 5575

Please note, due to the high number of requests for parking restrictions or schemes, our Technical Team has to prioritise which of these progress, and not all of these will reach fruition. It is also not unusual for our Technical Team to process in excess of fifty schemes in a financial year, and not all proposals are installed due to objections received at the time of advertising.

Finally, with any application made we also insist a consultation is arranged, demonstrating at least 75-80% of local households and businesses in the immediate area support the introduction of the TRO application. Support from your local Parish/Ward/County Councillor will also have to be gained and provided to us with details of whom this may be. If you are unsure who this is, please contact your local district/borough council for more information. It is unlikely your TRO application will be considered without residential support and, whilst local support may not guarantee intervention, it would almost certainly provide it with an advantage over those made without it.

Yours sincerely,

Jake England
Parking Business Officer
North Essex Parking Partnership

Tel: 01206 282316