After the worried looks on the NEPP (North Essex Parking Partnership) wardens faces yesterday after they saw for themselves the problems we as parents, staff and visitors face on a daily basis when doing the “School Run”, I have sent an email to NEPP asking for some action to be taken.

You can contact NEPP at:-

North Essex Parking Partnership
PO Box 5575
Town Hall
Essex, CO1 9LT

Telephone:    01206 507 275

Dear Sirs,

Zig Zag Lines

I write today to ask if the line markings outside of Stanway Fiveways school could be marked as zig-zag yellow lines?

There are already zig-zag’s directly outside of the school, however due to an increase in traffic volume along this busy stretch of highway and the preventable narrowing of the highway itself, it is now required these are extended to both sides of the road – as is in place outside of Stanway Secondary on the same road.

There is now a need to impose these additional restrictions to:-

  • Increase visual awareness of children crossing the road at any part.
  • Prevent illegal parking.
  • Creating a “parked car” free zone directly outside the school gates.
  • Put an end to residents’ ongoing complaints of drive’s being blocked during school run hours.
  • Better, safer traffic flow.


Pedestrian Crossing

Although we are fortunate enough to have a lollypop lady, would consideration be given to the creation of a crossing point opposite Fiveways School to assist her?

This benefit would bring with it:-

  • An increase in child and parent safety.
  • Legally enforceable white lined restriction zone.
  • Decrease in illegal parking.
  • Better traffic movement.


Disabled Parking Spaces

Many vehicles along Winstree Road who park on the current double yellow lines show a disabled badge.

Could there be suitably marked disabled spaces created on the school side of the road opposite of the Holly Road junction?

Those collecting their children from the school everyday risk their children’s lives by running across Winstree Road back their cars, often giving no notice to oncoming vehicles who are unable to see due to poor visibility created by these cars parked on double yellow lines.



At last night’s consultation on the proposed expansion of Fiveways Primary School, it was the key issue that Winstree Road now more than ever needs traffic calming measures before the amount of vehicles that use this road during peak hours doubles with the 100% increase in pupil intake proposed.

Fiveways Primary is not the only school on Winstree Road and Stanway Secondary is also proposing to increase their intake, with that will come additional traffic.

I look forward to your initial response with a proposed plan of action to address the points outlined.


Thank you for your time.

Jeremy Hagon