The new speed cushions created last weekend along Winstree Road have eroded just 5 days they were installed spreading loose tarmac across the highway and path. The speed cushions were in need to be replaced after Essex County Council last summer created the shared cycle and pedestrian path along the length of Winstree Road.

The narrowing of the road has created more problems than resolved and with the proposed  increase in intake of the local schools, increased traffic will indeed follow.

My email to Cllr. Johnson read…

Dear Cllr. Johnson,

I have attached photo’s for your review, prior to work commencing again tomorrow on the replacement of the speed cushions on Winstree Road.

  • These cushions are the replaced cushions, created last Saturday 14th January, 2017.
  • They are falling apart after only 5 days use, spreading loose tarmac over the road.
  • These new speed cushions are already in a worse condition than the cushions they replaced.

I hope you can intervene before more time and money is wasted by having to complete the works again.

And please, can you prioritise the ever worsening damage to highway (report indecent number 2500715) so we can fill in these dangerous pot-holes/sink-holes.

Kind regards
Jeremy Hagon