As I don’t live in Stanway, Preti Patel MP is unable to act on my behalf. This falls to Will Quince MP.  I did receive a response back from Ms Patel’s office and here it is.

Dear Mr Hagon,

Thank you for confirming your address.

Parliamentary procedure states that Members of Parliament should only represent their constituents, to whom they are directly accountable. Ultimately, as your address lies a few hundred yards inside the Colchester constituency, these issues will have to be raised with your own MP, Mr Will Quince.

Though I appreciate that your daughter attends a school in Ms Patel’s constituency, the procedure in pursuing this matter is not for Ms Patel to make enquiries because the issue that you are concerned with resides within her constituency, but for Mr Quince to make enquiries on your behalf, as you are his constituent. We frequently deal with many cases whereby our constituent’s have issues with schools, hospitals or businesses which reside outside our constituency.

Nonetheless, I can confirm that we have received a number of pieces of correspondence on this matter and have raised their concerns with Cllr Eddie Johnson, the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport Delivery at ECC. I will happily share a copy of Cllr Johnson’s response with yourself as soon as we receive it.

Kind regards,

Pearce Branigan
Parliamentary Caseworker
Office of the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP
Member of Parliament for Witham