WOW! I have nothing. Mic dropped and walking away…
Cllr. Lesley Scott-Boutell and Cllr. Jessica Scott-Boutell have a story in the Gazette in support of fixing the highway that is damaged. The best bit? ECC say it wasn’t their inspectors that sprayed the road.

Gazette article can be read here.

Here’s my email to Cllr. Eddie Johnson at Essex County Council (CC’d to Will Quice, MP, Pretit Patel MP, Cllr, Lesley Scott Boutell) ¬†expressing thoughts…

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the additional information for highway safety improvements. I will follow these up in the new year.

I’m am disheartened to believe ECC won’t listen to local residents and regular road users and even go so far as to not believe their own employed officers when we say, this section of Winstree Road, in Stanway, Colchester needs vital repair work to make it safe.

Please take a few minutes to read this supporting article:-

Winstree Road in Stanway is in dire need for repair. Can you please tell me why you are so reluctant to prioritise this particular repair?

Additionally, why have the safety cushion works not taken place? They are still too close to the curb side. Wasn’t the work supposed to take place in December?

With the support of local counsellor Lesley Scott-Boutell and local MP’s Will Quince and cc’d; Priti Patel, I must continue to insist that this problem be resolved within a reasonable timeframe as the sinking road is dangerous.

I hope to hear from you within due course with a confirmed date for repair.

Have a great Christmas.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Hagon