I received a detailed response from Cllr. Eddie Johnson (Essex County Council) relating the condition of Winstree Road. Here’s his email.  Looks like Will Quince MP kept to his word – thank you Will. Still, not much is happening to fix the problems.

Read PDF email from Cllr Eddie Johnson to Will Quince MP

Dear Mr Hagon

Thank you for your email dated 5 December 2016, regarding both the condition of the road on Winstree Road, Stanway and a number of separate highways issues.

Your additional comments are noted and I appreciate that you remain keen to see works undertaken at this location. At the outset, I should explain that in relation to your comments regarding the carriageway, I can unfortunately only refer you back to the advice I provided recently to Will Quince MP, who has written to me on your behalf. A copy of my letter is attached for your reference.

For the sake of clarity, I will look to address individually the other issues which you have raised:

Damaged drain near junction of Winstree Road/Holly Road:

I am grateful for you taking the time to provide me with a photograph highlighting the problem here. Further to your concerns, it is anticipated that an inspection of the drain will be undertaken within 5 working days. The feature will be assessed and the matter referred to our engineers for appropriate prioritisation.

Disabled Parking:

I should advise that responsibility for parking restriction implementation, maintenance and enforcement has been devolved to District/Borough/City Council level. These functions are administered by the North and South Essex Parking Partnerships (NEPP & SEPP).

With this in mind, requests for new disabled parking bays for general use would be best made to NEPP directly, for their consideration. They can be contacted via the following avenues:

North Essex Parking Partnership
PO Box 5575
Town Hall
Essex, CO1 9LT

Telephone: 01206 507 275
Email: parking@colchester.gov.uk

Alternatively, if individual residents would like to request their own disabled parking bays, details on how to do so are available from our website at https://www.essex.gov.uk/Health-Social-Care/Health-and-social-care-for-adults/Blue-Badges/Pages/Disabled-parking-bay.aspx.

Car parking issues, Winstree Road:

The difficulties described in parking on Winstree Road are acknowledged and I was sorry to read about the problems being faced by residents. As detailed above however, the issues described would fall within the remit of the NEPP for investigation. Essex County Council (ECC) is not empowered to take action against problem parking of this nature.

Traffic Management at Winstree Road/Peartree Road/Blackberry Road:

The suggestions for new traffic management features, such as a mini roundabout, for this junction are noted. I should explain that any proposals for changes to the highway at this location which would entail the introduction of new traffic features would be best referred to the Colchester Local Highways Panel (LHP) for funding consideration. You can do this in the first instance by contacting the local County Councillor for the area, Cllr Kevin Bentley (cllr.kevin.bentley@essex.gov.uk), who will consider how to take this matter forward.

The LHP, which consists of Local County and Borough/City/District Councillors, consider requests which have sufficient community support as long as there is some degree of justification for it, for example:-

• The scheme reduces casualties;
• The scheme improves safety; and
• The scheme represents good value for money.

Please note that if the LHP is not supportive having considered these factors, ECC would be unable consider the request.

More information about Local Highway Panels; including copies of agendas and minutes, can be found on our website at http://www.essexhighways.org/Transport-and-Roads/Highway-Schemes-and-Developments/Local-Highway-Panels.aspx

With reference to your invitation for me to visit Winstree Road, I am unfortunately unable to take you up on your request on this occasion. Any observations that I might personally make onsite are unlikely to contradict the advice provided by our Highways officers. I would however like to thank you for contacting me and trust that the above helps clarify the relevant positions.

Kind regards,
Cllr Eddie Johnson
Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport
Essex County Council