Here’s a self explanatory email to Cllr. Eddie Johnson highlighting the dangerous conditions on Winstree Road and surrounding areas. Cllr. Lesley Scott-Boutell and Will Quince MP were CC’d on the email.

Dear Cllr. Johnson,

As a courtesy follow up email, I note the yellow signs are now in place advising of a forthcoming road closure on Winstree Road in Stanway, Colchester.

Whilst it is a welcomed effort that Essex County Council are finally putting right the damaged speed cushions along this stretch of highway, I will again re-iterate this highway damage was indeed made worse in-part by the contractors heavy digging equipment and tarmac lorries that occupied this space during the summer whilst creating the new “cycle path”.

It is hard enough driving along Winstree Road in rush hour, with cars parked on yellow lines, junctions blocked so buses and other vehicles are unable to turn, but now we have lost substantial road width due to the creation of this “cycle path”, it is now made even more dangerous by the damaged highway that you refuse to repair even though it has been marked as URGENT on more than one occasion by Highways Inspectors.

I would like to again ask if you would please consider repairing the dropped sections of highway outside the Holly Road junction whilst you are spending the time and money to close the road.

You will already have the road closure in place, tarmac at hand, digging equipment, skilled labourers and painting materials all there – ready.

Drain Repair

Additionally the drainage opening at this section of Holly Road / Winstree Road (see photo below) also requires repair urgently as it is a pedestrian trip hazard. Maybe you could fix this at the same time – again to save tax payers money.  We won’t go into the lack of overall drainage along Winstree Road, Lesley (CC’d) is continuously on the case regarding this issue – but it does need addressing too.  This damage has occurred because vehicles use the path to avoid oncoming traffic as the road is no longer wide enough for vehicles to pass parked cars opposite Holly Road junction as well as avoiding the dropped section of damaged highway nearby.
(Damaged drain on Winstree Road/Holly Road)

Disabled Parking

Whilst I’m tying my best to campaign against parking on yellow lines (double and Zig Zags), I have been approached by a parent to ask if there were any plans for disabled parking bays?

Whilst your contracted teams are re-lining sections of the highway when the cushions are repaired, could you consider marking up a couple of bays along the section of highway opposite the Fiveways school adjacent to the Stanway school field?

Car Parking

Additional car parking is urgently needed for staff and visitors along Winstree Road, and for parents during school drop off/pick up time. In just 12 months of my daughter attending Fiveways school, I have seen the cars parked along both sides of Wheatfield Road increase in volume and in addition – those parents that consider themselves above the law by parking on yellow lines opposite junctions and directly outside of the school itself.  There is plenty of space in and around each school to create additional parking bays, a plan needs to be devised and this issue resolved.

(Traffic on Wheatfield Road at a standstill in June 2016 as buses could not get through)

Traffic Management

The junction of Winstree Road / Peartree Road / Blackberry Road is in need for traffic management, probably a mini-roundabout would be best suited. A lot of users already use this method anyway during rush hour, but it would make sense now the traffic flow has increased due to the influx of new housing built and being built in the local area.  As I am sure you are aware, all three schools along this road are due to double their intake in the course of the next 5 years and this will mean double the amount of cars and buses to transport the children.

I have yet to receive a reply form you to my invitation to visit Winstree Road, however I do understand you are busy. If you do get the chance it would be worthwhile seeing for yourself some of the issues we face now and how they will get worse in the coming months/years.  I know if you were to do a Q&A with concerned residents of Winstree Road and parents of all three schools, you would gain  some valuable insight in how to make this area a safer place.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Hagon