I was informed by Cllr. Lesley Scott-Boutell Winstree Road is due to close for two weekend’s in December for speed cushion work.  So I emailed Cllr. Eddie Johnson and asked him if the contractors could fix the damaged section of highway at the same time – saving tax payers money.

Here’s my email.

Dear Cllr. Johnson,

I fully appreciate prioritisation I agree with policy.

However, in light of the damage section of highway described below, it must surely be economic and efficient to repair the sunken section of the road whilst engineers are on site repairing the speed cushions – in December.

This will save money!

• ECC Highways repaired a similar drop on London Road, Stanway within a few weeks of it forming.
• The fault on Winstree Road has been ongoing now for over six months.
• It has been sprayed as inspected by Highways more than once during this time.
• The sunken section is getting worse.
• The fault is on a very busy school road and main bus route.

Please, I ask you once again to add this as a priority to be repaired.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Hagon