Cllr. Eddie Johnson from Essex County Council replied back to me today. Read his response on the ongoing issues on Winstree Road, specifically the dropped road section near Holly Road.

Dear Mr Hagon

Thank you for your email dated 14 November 2016, regarding the condition of Winstree Road.

Your additional comments regarding the road’s surface are noted and I acknowledge that you remain keen to see repairs undertaken.

I should explain that Essex County Council (ECC) applies a robust prioritisation process when determining when and where to make repairs. This ensures that we focus our resources on the areas of greatest need and on an evidence-led basis. All service requests are assessed and prioritised according to their level of severity and in accordance with ECC’s Maintenance Strategy. The Maintenance Strategy provides objective guidance to ensure that all issues are assessed fairly and proportionately.

Further to your comments, and as indicated previously, I can confirm that the section of carriageway near Holly Road was evaluated recently. Although the road’s surface was found to have sunk, it was assessed as not meeting the criteria for immediate repair. The prioritisation process described does unfortunately inevitably mean that those issues which are assessed as not meeting our criteria for urgent repair may go unresolved until such time that it is economic and efficient to include them in our repair programme.

Full details of ECC’s Maintenance Strategy are available online at

In closing I would like to thank you again for contacting me.

Kind regards,

Cllr Eddie Johnson

Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport

Essex County Council