I don’t think he understands how badly this road is damaged. The section has been sprayed orange more than once by highways inspectors, one time sprayed in the front of Cllr. Lesley Scott-Boutell!   I sent Cllr. Eddie Johnson this email and CC’d Will Quince MP and Cllr. Lesley Scott-Boutell.

Dear Mr Johnson,

Thank you for your reply, I know you are busy.

I appreciate that the speed cushions are being repaired and will help with traffic flow once sorted.

To save valuable money and time, would it not make sense to repair the damaged section of road opposite Holly Road junction on Winstree Road at the same time?

I can’t understand how these two large “craters” in the road don’t meet ECC Maintenance Strategy for immediate repair? There was less damaged sections of highway on Wheatfield Road that have actually been completely resurfaced recently.

This is a bus route and a main road for schools.

Let’s give some thought to the process and maybe some help to drivers that may need to brake quickly should a child run into the road without worry of losing control due to the dangerous road condition.

Indeed, the dropped area in question has been visited more than once sprayed.
It was made worse by the heavy goods vehicles using Winstree Road when the “cycle” path was constructed in the summer.

One step at a time I guess, but at least let’s get Winstree Road safe and fit for purpose then we can discuss the “destination” of the “cycle” path, traffic management along Winstree Road (in particular) and the County’s maintenance plan for Winstree Road (including flood management) for the next five years whilst the intake of all three school’s along this stretch is to literally double – and with it, double the traffic flow.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Hagon