Today I received a response from Cllr. Eddie Johnson regarding the flooding on Winstree Road, Colchester. Take a read.

Dear Mr Hagon

Thank you for your emails dated 3 March and 9 March 2016 and addressed to Cllr Rodney Bass, regarding an ongoing drainage issue in Winstree Road, Stanway. I have been asked to respond to you directly as the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport Delivery.

I am grateful for the time you have taken to contact me about this issue and for providing me with photographs highlighting the problem. Further to your comments, I can confirm that our Drainage Engineers attended this site at the end of 2015 to clear and investigate the existing drainage system.

Regrettably, and in light of this study, it was determined that a straightforward jetting of the drains would not be sufficient to fully alleviate the problems at this location. I understand therefore that the site was put forward for consideration to receive a Surface Water Alleviation Scheme (SWAS), due to the extent of the maintenance which is required. A SWAS is a scheme of capital funded works for sites which require significant drainage works.

SWAS schemes often include carrying out a full drainage survey and look to make general improvements to the drainage system in the area, which will reduce the likelihood of future occurrences of flooding. Whilst Winstree Road was on the list of schemes for consideration for the 2016/17 programme, there were also £4,000,000 worth of other submissions for schemes which were assessed as being of equal or greater risk than this scheme. The budget for 2016/17 is considerably less than this and as such, it is with regret that the submission for a SWAS on Winstree Road was unsuccessful for 2016/17.

Please be assured that the Drainage Engineers will continue to monitor the drainage issues at this location until such time as Winstree Road is included in a future capital scheme.

In closing, and whilst I am sorry that I cannot be of further assistance on this occasion, I would like to thank you again for your emails and for your continued patience in relation to this matter.

Kind regards

Cllr Eddie Johnson
Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport Delivery
Essex County Council