Essex County Council were about to dig up the entire length of footpath to create a mixed pedestrian and cycle lane on Winstree Road.  I wanted to ask Cllr. Eddie Johnson to save taxpayers money and repair the drainage at the same time.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the reply.

If the drainage was not to be replaced due to budget restraints, why are you spending tax payers money creating a cycle pathway in the exact same location that will need to be replaced when the drainage is finally resolved?

Surely you could have used this money to repair the flooding issue first and foremost?

I simply cannot understand this logic.

Additionally, I am unable to understand why the flooding on a main school road in Stanway has not been treated as a priority.

This flooding is dangerous to the children walking to the Fiveway’s Primary School and also to the nervous drivers that are forced into the middle of the road throughout the flooding seasons.

I beg you to re-consider this flooding repair as a priority before a child or parent is hurt, or worse.

Jeremy Hagon