Here’s an email I sent to Cllr. Bass today about the flooding issues that plague Winstree Road in Stanway, Colchester. It was forwarded to Cllr. Eddie Johnson (ECC) by Cllr. Bass upon receipt.

Dear Sir,

It been a while since we spoke, but I just wanted to ask if you could take another look at this report. It is for flooding outside of my daughters school in Colchester – the report here says the issue has been resolved, but I can testify that it most certainly has not. 

Flooding still causes a major highways issue after rain along Winstree Road, even after flagging it with the ECC Highways Website reporting tool, nothing has been done to repair the drainage/add additional soakaways. 

You are about to spend thousands of pounds creating a cycle path on this very stretch of road that needs urgent repair, money which could be saved by not having to do the job twice.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

Give me a call – love to discuss. 🙂

Many thanks,
Jeremy Hagon